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How to Outsource Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners will tell you that saving time and money are key concerns. Yet many perform search engine optimization and other non-core services themselves. Some owners delegate to over-burdened staff members rather than outsource to specialists. Why is that? More importantly, is there a better way? 

To answer, let’s first consider a day in the life of a small business owner - George. George will tell you that the best time during the day is when he can sit in a coffee shop with a colleague or customer and solve problems. The problem may be how to enter a new market. It may be how to get his shipment from Charlotte to Chicago faster. No matter; George is in his element. Solving these problems is the reason that George went into business for himself. 

Unfortunately, the rest of his day doesn’t go as well. He has to deal with traffic getting back to his office. That pesky salesperson continues to call. Maybe he has to troubleshoot a project or run payroll for his staff. 

He’s paying bills, answering email, filing taxes and 100 other things in addition to trying to improve the search rankings for his website. Pretty soon the best part of George’s day has become a distant memory. 

Outsourced SEO Saves Your Business Time and Money 

It’s obvious that George, like many business owners, has too many things on his plate. Why should he outsource search engine optimization for his website? 

Consider the Hedgehog Concept for companies as described in Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. There’s a story about the fox, which is trying different strategies to attack the hedgehog. Each time the hedgehog rolls into a ball of spikes and it defeats the fox using this simple, consistent method. 

Collins found that great companies followed a few simple methods on their path to greatness. The methods were different between companies but they all answered three questions: 

What are we passionate about? 

What can we best in the world at? 

What drives our economic engine? 

Most businesses won’t answer “SEO” to the previous questions making it a great candidate to be outsourced to professionals. 

Where to Outsource Your SEO in North Carolina 

WSI offers complete search engine optimization services including content marketing. Our SEO specialists love what they do and are constantly upgrading their skills and learning from their colleagues around the world. To learn more visit our website at www.wsinetrevenue.com.

by: Wsinetrevenue
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